Saturday, 20 February 2010

You can't even Ebay it.

This is a new picture.
See her jacket that she's wearing?
Costs a bomb.
You wanna know why i know that?
I googled the make of the jacket
and my eyes popped out of my head.
i even ebayed it.
This happens with everything and
i know it happens with you too.

I get quite frekin' annoyed if i can't
find it, i mean i'm not out there to
copy Kristen. I actually really love her style.
It's so refreshing and it's my kind of thing.
Even though for prom i have to dress-dress up!
I mean would you dare do this?
Of course you would, this is how normal
people dress. Or how radically cool people dress.
Let me tell you something, i live in England
so it's cold everyday and where i live,
it's only small but it's not normally sunny
and i can safely say i am the only girl
that even remotely dresses like this.
I have since i was 13. Everyone thought
I was pathetic and ugly for dressing how
i did. That's not nice but ever since
Kristen has stepped on to the scene
not only have people said i have an
awesome fashion sense, they've
asked where i bought stuff from.
My answer?
Fuck you.

Kristen gets hate for dressing how she does.
As do i, and probably a whole
bunch of girls. But does that stop her?
Did it stop me?
No, because i felt normal as soon
as Kristen "arrived" i felt excepted.
All thanks to her.
So really, even though i can't find her stuff
on Ebay, i don't stop. I never give in and
i always succeed and be myself.
I will do too, right until i die.
In fact the other day i got a her
Joy Divison top. Love it!

Who else could go better with Kristen's
down to Earth style other then
Mr Robert Pattinson.
I remember this picture changing
not only their friendship in everyone's eyes
to love in seconds but also what i thought
where skinny jeans they are tiiiight.
I thought i wore tight, i mean look at them.
They are beautiful jeans and she's sat
with a beautiful man being her beautiful self.
How beautiful is this picture?
And how normal do you feel just sat
there looking at it? I feel pretty normal.
I feel in there league and that i could do
what they are doing, preferably with them both.

So now i have to go and Ebay some of
Kristen's skinny jeans, but not before
I leave you with a picture of what
is under them jeans. Enjoy guys.
*photo from @badassstewy*

My last post until i get my new Laptop.
If it's not here tomorrow
i will kill the postman.
Kristen at the BAFTA's tomorrow.
Don't forget.


  1. I really like your blog. It's fresh.

  2. Right on luv ur anwser way to go I luv the way Kristen Dresses so if u do dresss that way then I gess my anwser from you to me would have to be Fuck You I gess. Nice blog was worth reading.Dito XD XD XD