Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Talk to Kristen's hand purlease.

This my friends is Kristen Stewart.
Kristen fucking Stewart.
Not only is she smiling she's showing
you that she isn't wearing a bra.
Now that's fuck hot.

*Runs for a vomit bowl*

And this, well, it isn't even a thing.
It isn't even a man

Look at him.
I'd rather lick Justin Beiber's toes
and we all know he isn't far from my
'I'ma-pitch-fork-you-in-the-eye' list.
He could turn any girl bulimic.
Vile, horrible man.
Why am i mentioning him on my first ever post?
Why have i scared you all away?
Read on sisters.

Perez Hilton blogs.
Apparently he is a celebrity as well?
I had never heard of him until he
mentioned my girl and quite frankly he can...

Talk to this "bitch's" face!
I fucking dare you.
No? Well back right away.
All the way off a cliff.

Most twitter sites have expressed in the 150 words
you have to say something about him.
So this might even sound repetitive,
but I need to get it off my chest, pronto.
While watching and crying at Grey's Anatomy
I realised something.
What actually gives him the right to speak
about her as if she's punched his nan in the face?

Has she spat on him? No.
Has she kicked him in his fanny? No.
Has she done her Joan Jett flip out on him? No.
Or maybe she has the guy even this prat is lusting for? Probably.
*I do secretly wish she would do all I just listed*

I'm sorry but what kind of pathetic excuse
is there for a 50-year old...
wait. What? He is 31? My bad.
... to treat a 19 year old beauty the way he does?
None at all.
She's done nothing to him,
she probably doesn't even no who the fat fairy is.

It's even come to the point where
Kristen has now got a chainsaw.
I'm sorry, but attacking young girls who
are doing there job is not even funny.
She can act in front of the media
however the hell she wants
all they do is follow her
and all they do is harass her.
I'm pretty surprised we haven't
seen Kristen in public with this chainsaw yet.

His pathetic ass writes a blog containing shit.
Actually cow shit. It makes no sense what-so-ever.
Then he go's and uses paint what kiddies use
to write equally as shit quotations all across her face
On one article he even crossed Kristen out of the picture.

To call yourself a human who degrades a girl
for being better then you is pathetic.
Everything you say to Kristen is
what everyone wishes to say to you
you don't deserve the privilege to be known.
Your attacking a girl because your jealous
of her man and the amount she has
accomplished in the 19 years compared to
your horrendous life.

Believe you and me, every time you spit in her face
I will spit like a tsunami right back in yours.
We will come out fighting stronger.
You may use her as your claim to fame
but your just digging a hole that's
getting deeper and deeper
some time soon you might even end up in Australia
and hopefully they can deal with you.
Didn't you realise that when
you got the shit beaten out of you
that was on behalf of every person
you bully and bitch about.

Say one more thing I'll get my gang
to come beat your ass up, AGAIN.
I'm not even going to whittle on about how much i hate you.
You don't deserve the time of day.

Every time this 31 year old man calls our gorgeous Kristen Stewart a cold hearted bitch the world turns to shit in my eyes.

Right, until next time. Peace.

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